Popularity of interactive radio on the rise in South Africa

radio  Sara BjorkAttila Bernariusz, operations director at South African media firm Kagiso Digital, has said that radio programming was heading towards a more interactive future in the country

According to Bernariusz, Listener Driven Radio (LDR) technology has been gaining popularity in South Africa due to the amount of participation it drives from listeners. Bernariusz added that the trend had resulted in exciting opportunities for marketers and advertisers.

“Listeners love having a say in the music they listen to. It makes them passionate and excited about the content, and keeps them coming back for more,” he said. “We believe that we will see more radio broadcasters implementing platforms with social and crowd sourcing elements in their strategies in the coming years.”

Bernariusz said that digital radio has acted as a powerful platform for advertisers because it offers intelligence about the tastes and responses of users, especially when combined with crowd sourcing technologies.

A company statement informed that Kagiso Digital was the first South African company to use LDR in the form of Ja.fm, an online music offering using the crowd sourcing model to offer an exclusively Afrikaans playlist.

Ja.fm has 50,000 sessions every month and has a social media reach of more than 75,000 people per month, the statement added.

Bernariusz said, "The success of Ja.fm has shown that there is a viable opportunity for niche streaming radio offerings in South Africa."

Daniel Anstandig, CEO and co-founder of Kagiso Digital’s US technology partner LDR, said, “There is already an interactive audience in South Africa and we will see the digital radio landscape grow substantially in the next three years. But, even more important than the size of the user base and the page impressions it generates, is the quality and engagement of the audience.”

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