Neotel’s Telecommunications Academy graduation


Celebrating more successful academy graduates

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Expanding IP into Africa

Expanding, IP, into, Africa, MPLS, VERIZON, gateway, business

Multinational corporations can take advantage of a new network alliance Verizon has formed with Gateway Business Africa that will expand Verizon Business Private IP network capabilities in several African countries

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Operational transformation needed in the digital world

Operational change is required for corporate marketers and information technology (IT) professionals as they seek to “lead not lag” to embrace new digital marketing technologies and channels in the quest to acquire, maintain and enhance customer relationships and increase revenue, according to a report from the CMO Council and Accenture

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Information moves to the centre stage for business models

Information, stage, business, models, Detecon, africa, Christoph, Tempich

Detecon conducts a survey on data centricity

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African customer service: growth and understanding

ATIO, Andre, le, Roux, Interactive Intelligence, Dave, Paulding, Africa, ICT, growth, contact, centre, operations

ATIO’s Andre le Roux and Interactive Intelligence's Dave Paulding discuss Africa's rapid ICT growth and its impact on contact centre operations on the continent

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