Nuvus Corp brings its bio-agriculture and Blockchain technology to Africa

agri techNUVUS Corp, provider of bio-agricultural automation technologies, has entered into a Letter of Intent with Kunjani Group to expand its global reach into Sub-Sahara Africa

NUVUS’ Blockchain solution, built on IBM’s Hyperledger, will use GETX cryptocurrency, for a first-of-a-kind seed to patient tracking solution in the biopharma industry.

The licensing agreement contemplated by the Letter of Intent will allow Kunjani Group to sell and distribute NUVUS technologies throughout Sub-Sahara Africa.

The regulators will be able to track the entire chain of custody of bio-agricultural products from purchasing seed to dispensing to patients. The company’s solutions aim to promote greater efficiencies for higher quality yields by efficiently managing energy, water and nutrients.

Sam Talari, CEO of Nuvus Corp, said, “We are encouraged by the evolving regulations around the globe that places NUVUS in the right place at the right time. NUVUS grow automation and Blockchain technology validates and verifies the entire supply chain to promote patient safety by understanding the origin and life of the plant in the bio-agricultural industry.”

“Sub-Sahara Africa has a rich agricultural history that demands greater efficiencies in order to be sustainable, from water to soil nutrition. Kunjani Group is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices throughout the region,” said Harris Blass, managing director at Kunjani Group.

“With NUVUS Corp, Kunjani will bring the latest technology to the bio-agricultural industry that will set the stage for developing countries to compete with developed countries,” added Blass.

Founded in 2013, NUVUS Corp has been building the first seed to patient tracking system on a global exchange built on Blockchain for use in the emerging hemp industry and will use GETX cryptocurrency to create AML / KYC transparency in transactions. Kunjani Group is registered in the Cayman Islands and operates in Sub-Sahara Africa.

The licensing agreement contemplated by the Letter of Intent will provide Kunjani Group with the exclusive license to sell and distribute NUVUS technologies throughout Sub-Sahara Africa.

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