Siklu's EH-8010FX exceeds expectations with 10Gbps deployment

6970385511 878afbd57d zWhen Avax SA 410, a telecommunications contractor specialising in telecommunication and fibre optics solutions, experienced fibre cuts and downtime due to criminal activity, MiRO has suggested the latest 10Gbps E-band solution by Siklu

The solution is a pioneer in carrier-grade mmWave wireless fibre technology.

Siklu’s EH-8010FX is said to exceed all expectations with a 10Gbps deployment in South Africa more than 10.4km!

Hannes Pretorius, the owner at Avax SA 410, stated, “The biggest challenge for us, was to deliver fibre-like capacity over extended distances, something traditional wireless systems just can't deliver. The weakness in the previous solution was that fibre links were cut and vandalised and caused major downtime and production loss.”

Elaborating on Siklu's installation and implementation, he explained, “The installation of the equipment was very simple and easy, but alignment takes a lot of effort and time due to the extremely narrow beam width of the Siklu E-band solution, it was definitely worth the time spent, as this is one of the most stable links I have ever used!”

The sites were surveyed and a link planner was used to calculate the distance and line-of-sight for each link, the radios where then pre-programmed and installed with pre-manufactured brackets and alignment was done, once the link was aligned final configuration was done and VLAN ID's set up.

“The data throughput was one of the biggest benefits, to have a link at 10.4km and still have a backhaul capacity of 10Gbps up and down, that is unheard of in the telecommunications industry. This is a cost-effective solution which is durable and extremely stable. There is nothing like this on the market,” he added.

Thanks to Siklu's ruggedised, IP67 rated enclosure, and the network is durable and can withstand the harshest of environments and in turn, minimises the total cost of ownership. Its carrier-grade construction and performance mean a true value for money and a quick return on investment. He concluded with future advice for similar projects: “Do your site planning and radio position 100 per cent, pre-test the radio units on ground level before mounting the radios.”

“Together with MiRO distribution, Siklu continues to expand its reach throughout Africa as MiRO is a key partner that helps ensure service providers and integrators have local access to our products, training and support on the most innovative mmWave wireless fibre technology,” said Siklu's CEO Eyal Assa. “The combination of flexible, high-capacity, high reliability and long range makes the EH-8010FX a leading solution in the fixed-wireless and mobile industries.”

Siklu's cTU solution will be showcased at MWC Barcelona 2019, February 25-28, Hall 5, booth #5K83.

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