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After the launch of Digital Monetisation System (DMS) by Exset, the company has revealed how the system could assist the governments’ vital information dissemination across Africa

ID-10076449 11DMS is designed to allow information dissemination via TV screens, using interactivity, while monetising the process at the same time. (Image source:

Exset explained that the aim of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals was to encourage advancement by improving social and economic conditions in the world’s developing countries and that DMS could aid the African governments in achieving this endeavour.  

The company informed that DMS has been designed to allow information dissemination via TV screens, using interactivity, to populations while also monetising that process at the same time. This would help facilitate lifestyle improvements via a more informed society and healthier lifestyles, it added.

Exset global head of sales and marketing, Rahul Nehra, said, “One of the key tenets of the Millennium Goals – and one of the key challenges that governments face – is information dissemination to empower populations. This requires digital networks, and the monetisation of those networks, to facilitate this reach.

“As the International Telecommunications Union has recognised the migration to digital broadcasting in emerging markets is about so much more than digital broadcasting. This is the value of Exset’s Digital Monetisation System, which provides a complete, monetised ecosystem to create platforms that use existing TV screens as the way of reaching populations.”

A statement from Exset informed that across Africa, the TV screen offer the most potent and low-cost way of reaching populations on the wrong side of the digital divide and the DMS-powered Africa Page was providing a gateway to the world of vital government information services.

Exset CEO Alex Borland said, “The Africa Page will empower consumers, helping to increase knowledge and engagement with wider society. It will provide new revenue streams through interactive public services and interactive advertising revenues, as well as teleshopping and games, the Africa Page allows network operators to monetise their service offering while maintaining a minimal subscriber cost.”