ATC signs multi-million dollar deal with Polarium

CAFATC has signed a multimillion-dollar lithium ion battery bulk purchase agreement with Polarium, which will support a new energy storage manufacturing plant in South Africa while securing thousands of lithium-powered backup solutions for ATC’s Africa markets

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Free Webinar: Solutions for cable and wire identification and LIVE hands on demo broadcasting

BMP21 PLUS datacomm v3 lowres 1Do not miss the chance to learn about the best practice in cable and wire identification with a live stream of the hands-on demonstration and ask questions like you were on the tradeshow!

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Cooling electronics efficiently with graphene-enhanced heat pipes

aed176de24b7324b 800x800arResearchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, have found that graphene-based heat pipes can help solve the problems of cooling electronics and power systems used in avionics, data centres, and other power electronics

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Powermat unveils 50W mid-range drill-free wireless charging solution

iphone 518101 640Powermat Technologies has unveiled a built-in mid-range wireless charging platform designed to charge various telecom and IoT devices requiring up to 50W

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Frost & Sullivan recognises Master Power for its data centre power solutions for the African market

kirill sh ohBcGYJ8brQ unsplashFrost & Sullivan has recognised Master Power Technologies with the 2019 African Customer Value Leadership Award for its modular data centre solutions that have the Universal Controller (UC), a remote monitoring and management system, at their core, based on its recent analysis of the African modular data centre market

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