Telecom Namibia partners with ZTE and Huafull to modernise and expand its mobile network, enhancing 4G, 4.5G, and 5G coverage, especially in underserved areas. (Image source: Telecom Namibia)

Telecom Namibia has unveiled a transformative three-year partnership with a joint venture between ZTE Corporation and Huafull International Limited

Recognised as a global leader in mobile technology solutions, ZTE's collaboration with Telecom Namibia marks a significant advancement in enhancing the country's mobile network capabilities and coverage.

Mobile network expansion

Aligned with Telecom Namibia’s five-year Integrated Strategic Business Plan (ISBP) 2027, this initiative includes investing in the modernisation and expansion of the TN mobile network. This will involve rolling out new mobile base stations and upgrading existing ones nationwide. According to the agreement, Telecom Namibia will procure state-of-the-art mobile radio access equipment from the ZTE Corporation and Huafull International Limited Joint Venture. This procurement aims to strengthen the mobile network's capacity and coverage, particularly in previously underserved areas. The partnership will support the deployment of advanced mobile radio access technologies such as 4G, 4.5G, and 5G, ensuring TN mobile consumers receive high-quality, fast, and reliable mobile broadband services.

During the signing ceremony, Telecom Namibia's CEO, Dr Stanley Shanapinda, highlighted, “As a committed provider of reliable and high-speed mobile services nationwide, we are excited to join forces with ZTE and Huafull to bring transformative solutions to our customers. This collaboration underscores our dedication to delivering unparalleled mobile connectivity and bridging the digital divide in communities across our country.”

The integration of ZTE’s cutting-edge equipment into Telecom Namibia’s network will facilitate the deployment of next-generation technologies, providing users with faster data speeds and enhanced reliability. Moreover, expanding coverage through the deployment of new sites will ensure seamless connectivity. By leveraging the expertise and innovation of ZTE and Huafull, Telecom Namibia aims to accelerate the growth of its mobile network footprint and offer improved services to both urban and rural areas across the country.

Jack Liu, vice-president of Huafull International, expressed, “We are very honored and grateful to Telecom Namibia for choosing and collaborating with ZTE Corporation and Huafull International as partners for the next phase of wireless network upgrade and transformation.”

Standard Bank’s MVNO service has attracted over 300,000 mobile customers, offering significant value with bank fees converted into Airtime based on customer engagement with bank products and services. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Standard Bank has unveiled a collaboration with MTN to launch a new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), enhancing coverage for its customers in South Africa

Under the bank’s telecommunications strategy, the service previously known as Standard Bank Mobile will be rebranded to Standard Bank Connect, featuring fresh data and voice packages. “We are excited to collaborate with MTN and the opportunity to provide our customers with a range of newly differentiated mobile plans. The transition will be gradual, where we invite our customers to join us on our pilot program, helping us to build meaningful services together and experiencing Standard Bank on MTN’s wide network,” stated Kartik Mistry, executive head of Standard Bank MVNO.

Enhanced connectivity solutions

Since its inception in 2018, Standard Bank’s MVNO service has attracted over 300,000 mobile customers, offering significant value with bank fees converted into Airtime based on customer engagement with bank products and services.

“Consistently voted SA’s Best Network, MTN is delighted to partner with Standard Bank, a trusted brand in South Africa and across the African continent. Our aim is to create shared value by placing our partners at the centre of all we do whilst for fulfilling our vision that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life. To this end we are committed to providing a proven, quality digital network and affordable mobile and network solutions,” expressed Quintus de Beer, Chief wholesale officer at MTN South Africa.

Standard Bank has introduced two primary connectivity packages to further its mission of connecting communities: the Connected Circle and the Connected Gigs Plans. The Connected Circle Plans are designed for customers who need both voice and data services, with tiers such as Connected Circle Starter, Lite, Plus, and Pro. These plans offer unlimited calls to certain community numbers and come with bundled data, enhancing connectivity flexibility.

The Connected Gigs Plans are tailored for those prioritising data, presenting substantial data packages at attractive rates. These plans also allow the purchase of airtime for voice and SMS.

Adding to the customer benefits, selected Connected Circle and Connected Gigs plans include up to 50% monthly discounts on tech accessories, thanks to Standard Bank’s collaboration with Dress Your Tech.

“Standard Bank Connect represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing our customers with end-to-end connectivity solutions that are tailored to offer more simplicity, more value and greater flexibility,” Mistry highlighted. 

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