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With many clients navigating through the minefield of shooting 3D through variable-magnification optics, Polecam demonstrates the advantages of deploying prime lenses and moving the cameras towards the subject rather than zooming into close-up.

Nerve-wracking moments in a game, redeeming goals, moving images - like any good contest in a large arena, the World Cup was a memorable experience and provided a wealth of information and data on matches, teams and competition.

DVS has found success with its DCI Mastering capabilities with Clipster : The DI workstation is equipped with a robust feature set, including 3D subtitling and extended support of RAW formats.

What YouTube has done for ‘broadcast yourself’ technology so GEATube is set to do for professional videos and high quality 3-D animations from GEA Group companies. It’s new, it’s fun and it will help customers understand GEA technology online.

Electrical Engineering Solutions (EES) has been awarded the contract to project manage the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure, from construction to operational service provisioning, for Cape Town Film Studios (CTFS).

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