Cloud-based BEAM platform to deploy energy access across Asia and Africa

BBOXX BeamSingapore-based Bamboo Capital Partners has partnered with BBOXX to launch the cloud-based BEAM platform, aiming to provide developmental infrastructure for off-grid energy services across sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

The BEAM platform is set to initially deploy US$50mn in equity for distributed energy service companies (DESCOs) and will unlock further debt capital.

BEAM starts with a first equity investment in BBOXX and its data-driven DESCOs, providing off-grid energy to consumers in Africa and Asia, to scale and generate greater impact in their respective markets. In addition to the equity capital from BEAM, the investment platform is expected to catalyse further capital through debt, joint ventures and co-investments.

With about 1.1bn people across the world without access to reliable energy, BEAM aims to play an instrumental role in delivering energy services to transform lives in the developing world. Both the companies agreed that the platform will aid the growth of off-grid energy service companies, spanning solar home systems, large solar and metering applications such as pumps and mini-grids.

Jean-Philippe de Schrevel, founder at Bamboo Capital Partners, said, “BEAM will catalyse substantial investment into off-grid energy access initiatives across the developing world. By drawing in and encouraging further capital via joint ventures, debt and co-investments, we have a bold and ambitious vision of providing millions more with access to energy to improve their everyday lives.”

Partnering through BEAM is set to enable distributed energy service companies to benefit from BBOXX’s data-driven smart technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance customer service.

This includes Pulse, a cloud-based task management platform, which focuses on enabling distributed businesses to improve efficiency. According to BBOXX, Pulse digitalises a business’ entire sales and service management, automating tasks for sales agents, technicians, call centres and supply chain.

“For example, Pulse uses product monitoring to predict failure and allow the operational team to proactively support customers, automatically schedules field staff tasks, and understands what type of customer is most likely to default,” said BBOXX.

“The BEAM model will allow taking our successful model in Rwanda and Kenya and expanding it across Africa and Asia by solving a major financial challenge,” added Mansoor Hamayun, CEO of BBOXX.

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