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Dietmar Siersdorfer, managing director at Siemens Energy Middle East and Africa. (Image source: Siemens Energy)

Siemens Energy, a global leader in energy technology, has announced the appointment of Dietmar Siersdorfer as the new managing director for Africa 

With a tenure at the company since 1987, Siersdorfer has been instrumental in driving strategic initiatives in the Middle East as the managing director for the region. His expanded role beyond his current position marks a pivotal move for Siemens Energy in Africa. Siersdorfer succeeds Nadja Haakansson, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to further enhance the company's presence and impact in the region.

“With abundant natural resources, a growing population, and rising energy demand, Africa has huge potential to drive energy transition, not just across the continent but also around the world,” remarked Siersdorfer. “By aligning our efforts across the Middle East and Africa, we can more effectively address the unique energy challenges they face, from enhancing energy access to advancing sustainable development.”

Empowering Africa's energy transition

As the leader of both the Middle East and Africa region, Siersdorfer has been tasked with increasing collaboration and the sharing of best practices in order to realise synergies and accelerate the energy transition in both regions.

Siersdorfer added, “There are significant benefits of harnessing synergies and similarities between these regions to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth for Siemens Energy and our partners.”

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