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Flex Group will attend the tech event GITEX AFRICA 2023 to introduce its new solutions

The firm will present the evolution of its business subsidiaries and mobile communication solutions that are bringing safer digital transactions.

The Flex Card division is introducing its new eSIM/SIM cards products and services such as banking, ID cards, and banking cards.

“Since the creation of Flex Group 20 years ago, Africa has been at the heart of our strategies, we have designed our products and focused our research to meet and share the digital aspirations and achievements of its continent. We like to share and transfer our knowledge because it's the only way to innovate," said Mostafa Chafi, CEO of Flex Group at the ISTEAH (Colloque international Innovation, Technologie, Développement & Génie humanitaire) conference held at Polytechnique Montreal April 2023.

“Our Flex Card division introduced our 5G SIM card in Canada three years ago. To mobile 5G rural satellite operators, it is designed for the new African market. 5G connectivity is going to give Africa the ability to leapfrog it and boost its digital evolution, like it is doing here. With our eSIM and SIM applets we will ensure a better quality of services and advance SIM cybersecurity. Mobile banking of the future will rely on enhanced biometry and blockchain capability embedded in the eSIM or SIM card,” said Omid Ghati, vice-president of operation at Flex Group Canada at the TELECOM 2023 In Laval (the largest French-speaking conference in North America for the telecommunications industry).

The FlexTelecom division has leading-edge telecommunication platforms and flexible hardware, all the solutions are designed to boost productivity, create new revenue streams, and cut costs.

FlexLatitude’s video solution division is aimed for public safety, governmental, and utilities. From body cameras and the supporting platforms for live video broadcast anywhere from 2G to 5G and satellite links. It transmits live video, audio, GPS and telemetry data from mobile cameras to the video monitoring platform. The data can be used for investigations, border security, VIP protection, asset protection and monitoring.

FlexLab is the R&D division developing leading-edge mobile solutions in collaboration with universities. Along with with École Polytechnique de Montreal and UQAM, we are co-chairing several research chairs in mobility with over 25 Ph.D. and Master students, in topics such as the security of mobile transactions, AIoT, Smart Cities, Biometrics, Post-quantum Security, Blockchain, 5G, Zero Trust database and Encryptions.

Flex Group has its headquarters based in Quebec, Canada for the last 20 years, with over eight sales, engineering, and R&D branches in Africa.

A leading Canadian manufacturer of SIM Card and Telco solutions designed to serve the many African markets. Providing mobile technologies for the last 20 years: over 400 million SIM/eSIM cards, multiple telecommunication platforms, Mobile Banking low-band, high-quality video-streaming solutions and over 7 billion remote activations and provisioning. Flex Group has five business units & subsidiaries: FlexCard, FlexTelecom, FlexLatitude, FlexIoT and FlexLab.


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