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Juniper Research unveiled ten trends that are set to radically impact the telecommunications landscape in 2024, included within its latest whitepaper 

The whitepaper found that the telco market is poised for major disruption, as new technologies including generative AI, and industry shakeups such as Apple’s recent embrace of the RCS messaging standard, force stakeholders to reevaluate long-standing business strategies.

Top ten telco trends of 2024 are:

1. Satellite launches to accelerate in 2024, integrating terrestrial & non-terrestrial cellular networks

2. Greater usage of open APIs in telecoms, driven by rising SMS pricing & fraud

3. Generative AI to revolutionise conversational AI by automating personalised marketing campaigns

4. iSIM-capable devices to proliferate in 2024, driving global eSIM adoption

5. EU's DMA forces OTT channels to develop cross-platform capabilities, with Apple supporting RCS in response

6. 5G data roaming traffic to necessitate acceleration of BCE 2.0 protocol adoption

7. Sustainable initiatives to be prioritised to reduce the impact of telco supply chains

8. Large language models to lower entry barrier for voicebot implementation

9. 5G advanced networks to enable new mobility & XR markets

10. Network-wide AI implementation to increase efficiency of functions, as 6G approaches

Juniper Research's vice-president of Telecoms market research, Sam Barker, commented, “The telecommunications industry has seen rapid digital innovation over the last decade, driven by advances that greatly improve the efficiency with which new telecommunications services can be launched. Over the coming year, we expect operators to capitalise on this efficiency and make bold moves to better position themselves amidst the major technological and business shakeups on the horizon.”