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Microsoft-backed Flapmax launches second FAST Accelerator programme to support and fund innovative companies in Africa 

In partnership with Microsoft, the FAST Accelerator initiative will combine business development, technology integration, funding opportunities, and community building to empower startup companies based in Africa and emerging markets to deliver sustainable solutions. It also provides dedicated venture funding and invaluable mentorship opportunities. The top ten FAST Accelerator 2023 startup participants will be selected for a five-week programme in Silicon Valley, California, to forge relationships with industry experts, potential investors, and global partners through Flapmax’s ecosystem of more than 600 corporate partners.

“FAST Accelerator represents our commitment to supporting ambitious entrepreneurs who are driving sustainable innovation across the continent of Africa and emerging markets,” said Dr Dave Ojika, CEO of Flapmax. "Through this comprehensive programme, we are dedicated to connecting startup founders with a global community, industry-leading technology, and the essential startup funding necessary to forge the path towards local, sustainable, and AI-powered technological solutions of the future. Together, we unite in building a brighter future for Africa and the world, fueled by the transformative power of technology and innovation.

Participants must be available and committed for the entire duration of the programme, which includes a two-week virtual bootcamp in August 2023, followed by a five-week accelerator programme in October in California. The journey begins with an intensive virtual bootcamp designed to validate startup ideas, refine business models, and prepare founders for the next stage of growth. Next, the top startups are selected to join a five-week accelerator programme on the ground in Silicon Valley to experience unparalleled acceleration, networking, and fundraising opportunities, while immersing themselves in the dynamic startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

"As a HR technology company dedicated to building world-class software solutions for businesses, we are delighted to have participated in the transformative FAST Accelerator programme in 2022," stated Lekan Omotosho, co-founder and chief technical officer of Pade. "The technology and business masterclasses offered through Flapmax Learn were truly exceptional, and the invaluable network of mentors and advisors has played a significant role in our growth. With the successful raise of US$500,000, we are poised to scale our cutting-edge HCM solutions across the continent, catering to both SMEs and large corporations."

"At Snark Health, we are pioneering a novel approach to healthcare payment solutions, and our collaboration with FAST Accelerator has been instrumental in driving our growth," said Edwin Lubanga, co-founder and CTO of Snark Health. "Through FAST's support, we have gained access to critical infrastructure, enabling us to deploy our services at scale. Working in conjunction with Microsoft and Azure services and partnering with hospitals in Kenya, we are determined to deliver equitable and affordable healthcare to tens of thousands of SMEs and health centers across Africa, creating a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape."

"Our collaboration with FAST Accelerator has opened doors to an extraordinary opportunity, one that I fully endorse," said Innocent Orikiiriza, founder and CEO of KaCyber Technologies. Guided by FAST Accelerator, we have developed a comprehensive sustainability framework that now underpins our business operations, emphasising the vital importance of sustainability in the public transport sector.”