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NEC XON achieves Engage Preferred Services Partner status with Fortinet, enhancing its ability to provide expert security solutions across Africa. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Premier systems integrator NEC XON has been named an Engage Preferred Services Partner (EPSP) within Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program

This designation demonstrates NEC XON’s ability to expertly deploy, operate, and maintain its own end-to-end security solutions helping organisations to achieve digital acceleration. The accreditation has been awarded in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Nigeria, with partner entities operating across sub-Saharan Africa.

As an Engage Preferred Services Partner, NEC XON receives access to specialised training and direct assistance from Fortinet experts to build new skills in providing its own services for its customers, including those with rapidly evolving and expanding hybrid network infrastructures. NEC XON can also collaborate directly with Fortinet Professional Support experts on implementations to leverage Fortinet best-practices, resulting in increased expertise and visibility while developing a more robust services portfolio.

NEC XON is one of two Fortinet professional services certified partners authorised to service multiple countries across Africa - essential for many pan-African companies. It is also one of only two Fortinet EPSPs in South Africa. The status means that NEC XON’s regional offices can facilitate safe digital acceleration for African organisations. 

"EPSP status underscores NEC XON's positioning to provide unparalleled deployment, operation, and maintenance of comprehensive pan-African security solutions," stated Ian Kruger, NEC XON network engineering manager. "Months of rigorous training, an in-depth grasp of Fortinet technologies, and a proven track record in delivering exceptional services will enable us to step into a massive and growing Fortinet revenue stream across Africa. NEC XON aims to expand its footprint within this very large market.”

NEC XON's affiliation with Fortinet is further strengthened by its parent company, NEC, which has long been a global Fortinet partner. 

“Attaining Forinet’s Engage Preferred Services Partner status also gives NEC XON access to specialised training and direct support from Fortinet experts. This privileged status powers our services, elevates our expertise and expands our service portfolio - particularly for customers with intricate and evolving hybrid network infrastructures. Our collaboration with Fortinet’s Professional Services experts ensures that implementations adhere to best practices,” Kruger concluded.

A program focused on enabling opportunities for partners

Fortinet is committed to helping partners meet new and evolving customer challenges created by work-from-anywhere models, hybrid IT environments, and the evolving threat landscape through Fortinet’s Engage Partner Program and enablement tools for partners. The program is focused on enabling growth opportunities that are unique with Fortinet’s expansive portfolio built around the Fortinet Security Fabric, designed to secure customers’ entire infrastructure from the data center to the cloud.

In addition, Fortinet is committed to helping partners grow productive, predictable, and rewarding relationships to differentiate from competitors. The Fortinet Engage Partner program helps partners acquire the industry knowledge they need to increase business opportunities, deliver digital acceleration for customers with customisable programs, and accelerate partner growth.