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Kenyas payments platform, Pesaflow, has joined forces with Visa, a digital payments giant, aiming to enhance digital payments within the Kenyan government

This strategic partnership holds the potential to significantly elevate the efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity of public services, contributing to the broader goal of promoting financial inclusion.

Pesaflow, a division of Webmasters Kenya and the creator of the eCitizen online citizen portal, provides a unified citizen profile and streamlined access to over 5,000 services from more than 100 ministries, counties, departments, and agencies within the Kenyan government.

With a focus on advancing its services, Pesaflow seeks to leverage Visa's network and security infrastructure to offer improved solutions for the public sector and citizens utilising government services. The collaboration aims to establish simple and user-friendly digital payment systems, incorporating digital and virtual cards, along with secure gateway services.

The partnership involves close collaboration between the Visa Government Solutions team and Pesaflow to digitise government services, integrating Visa solutions. The primary objectives include providing citizens with multiple payment options and facilitating the government in efficient tax collection, thereby enhancing financial management, cost savings, and the delivery of public services.