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Creova has launched the first Mobile Payment service in North Africa.

Called Mdinar, the new service is an m-wallet solution powered by Creova’s mobile payment technology that is being launched in Tunisia by Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT) in partnership with Tunisiana, Tunisia’s leading mobile phone operator, ENDA (a leading microfinance institution in Tunisia) and Viamobile (a service provider).
Creova was chosen as the mobile payments platform to support Mdinar because its solutions add value to both the service provider and the customer. “Our payments solution system does not simply interface to a loan management system by just providing a standard interface,” said Ramzi El-Fekih, CEO of Creova. “A typical user wants to see all loan information (amounts, dates, history, etc.), and the loan provider wants the processing to be handled in real-time and automatically (no paperwork, no reconciliation time, etc.). Our technology meets these requirements and is scalable, interoperable with financial andcommerce systems, and adaptable to different segments and applications.”
The Mdinar service offers P2P, top-up, and loan payment services from a user’s mobile phone. It also offers multiple features, including the ability to view account balances, history of transactions, andthe possibility to save and use the list of people frequently receiving payments from the user. Even smarter, it allows the user to send a request for money to another person.
With a few clicks on their mobile phone, users of Mdinar can make universal payments with total security and reliability. The underlying technology developed by Creova has been carefully designed to behighly reliable and scalable to millions of users.
“Our solutions are at the forefront of the mobile payments industry,” continued El-Fekih. “The Mdinar payments solution gives control, flexibility and the capacity our customers need to reach their development goals. Our rich and completely modular platform design has been developed with the goal of providing a fast deployment for our service provider customers, enabling them to get a preferredposition among early adopters in mobile payments and then integrate additional applications according to the needs of their customers as they move forward.”
“Simple, innovative and accessible, Mdinar can be easily integrated into all mobile phones. Mdinar is a new technology that will improve the quality of the banking services offered to the customers,” saidSlaheddine Lâajimi, CEO of BIAT.
Yves Gauthier, the head of Tunisiana, commenting on the impact that this will have in market, said, “Mdinar is an innovation that will revolutionise the world of mobile telephony. It will also optimise thechoices and the freedom of our customers.”