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The Seventh Africa Geospatial Forum 2012, organised by the Geospatial Media and Communications of South Africa and the ministry of land and natural resources, concluded in Accra on 4 October 2012

The two-day conference was held for the first time in West Africa after a series of successful forums in southern and eastern parts of the continent.

The forum, which was conducted under the theme ‘Geospatially-enabled Africa’, focused on prospects of the geospatial industry in the Africa region.

Ghana ministry sources said that the forum provided a platform for experts to deliberate on the way forward for the industry in Africa and non-experts to learn from them about geospatial technology.

The minister for the environment, science and technology, Sherry Ayitey, described the forum as significant, because it was organised at eve of the launch of the Ghana Space Centre at the Atomic Energy Commission, which, she said, was a bold step from the government in institutionalising research in geospatial technology.

Ayitey added that there was an increasing realisation by the African governments that without a strong science and technological base, and the adoption of newer technologies, Africa’s socio-economic development would be hindered.

In a message to delegates, the minister for land and natural resources, Mike Hammah, said the geospatial community was the backbone to a strong functioning of a government, leading to overall performance and development.

Hammah added that the ministry aimed to ensure sustainable management and utilisation of resources for socio-economic growth and development of Ghana and had, therefore, been instrumental in propagating the application of geospatial technologies in various organisations in the country.


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