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AfricaCom has partnered with Ericsson to create a new event to promote innovation by tech start-ups in Africa

Organisers said the aim of A-HUB will be to bring together as many active investors as possible, and make them available to registered AfricaCom 2015 techpreneurs who are seeking financial backing.

The issue of funding is a crucial one for those looking to enter the industry, as a recent survey by highlighted when it showed that, despite the continued increase in the number of start-ups, only around three per cent make it to the venture capital/funding phase.

“With our experience of staging events across the continent, we have been struck by the continued innovation in this sector,” commented Julie Rey-Gore, research director at Com World Series informa telecoms and media. “We now believe it is incumbent on us to provide a space where real world thinking and solutions can be discussed, resolved and adopted.

“We strongly encourage companies who recognize the importance of investing in grassroots ICT to participate at this event.”