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Alcatel-Lucent Nigeria has been chosen by CareerNation to receive the prize for ‘The Best Use of Corporate Social Responsibility in HR’ 2013 award


The provider of IP and cloud networking services received the award at the 5th annual CareerNation@ Africa Human Resource Conference Excellence Awards held in Accra, Ghana.

CareerNation awarded the prize to Alcatel-Lucent for achievements including the roll out of educational programmes as well as for providing services to the community.

“CareerNation selected Alcatel-Lucent as it has undertaken the risks of innovation, served as a pioneer in the field,” said Victor T. Madubuko, PHR managing partner at CareerNation.

“The company and its employees succeeded in overcoming challenges and clearly came out as a key strategic partner not only grasping the company’s vision and mission, but also contributing to them,” added Madubuko.

Alcatel-Lucent Nigeria country manager, Hatim Zougari, also praised the company's continued efforts.

“This is the first time we have entered this Award, this success is a result of joint effort between our employees and management, our Foundation and community partners, thanks to everyone for helping make our company’s CSR vision a reality,” Zougari stated.