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Mando Corporation, an automotive parts company, won the Innovation Award in the Vehicle and Transportation Intelligence (VIT) category of ‘CES 2021’

1Knob SbW (Steer by Wire) System Model Cut (Same as real product) - Upper (SFA: Steering Feedback Actuator), Lower (RWA: Road Wheel Actuator). (Image source: Mando Corporation)

Since it is Mando’s first participation at CES, winning an innovation award is a significant achievement. About 15 companies, including Google, IBM, Bosch and Continental, also received the awards in the same category.

The value that Mando’s ‘SbW (Steer-by-Wire: Free-Mounted Type Advanced Steering System)’ offers to customers (automakers and consumers) is freedom and security.

In terms of automotive design, the challenge for the last 120 years has been the separation of the compact (driving space) and the chassis (space to move the vehicle). In particular, electric cars, known to have relatively freer design flexibility, necessary independent wheels (chassis) and steering wheel for efficiency in mass production, including batteries and freedom from system control, but there was no technology to replace mechanical connections.

‘SbW (Steer-by-Wire)’ is a fully electric product, and ‘Electrical Signal (by Wire)’ replaces mechanical movement. Thus, it offers great architectural freedom for vehicle design. With ‘SbW (Steer-by-Wire)’, the steering wheel can be freely located according to the purpose of the vehicle, and it can also be designed with the ‘Auto Stow’ function (removed and used when necessary). If a steering wheel disappears, the use of interior space can be maximised.

In a fully autonomous vehicle, the driver becomes a passenger, and the vehicle space becomes a living space. The driver’s seat can also be rotated 180 degrees to face other passengers. More self-driving experiences such as reading, playing games and watching movies will be possible.

The main components of ‘SbW (Steer-by-Wire)’ are designed as the ‘Dual Redundant Safety System’. Even with a single system failure, the entire system will continue to operate normally. The error information is automatically recorded for future analysis. Redundancy is a technology that is absolutely indispensable to enable and expedite the era of future mobility such as fully autonomous driving, remote control and more. Mando’s technology that grew out of ‘Freedom’ and ‘Safety’ was once again recognised around the world as it won the CES Innovation Award. Mando’s SbW (Steer-by-Wire) will be mass-produced for the first time in the world in North America next year.

Meanwhile, the SbW video clip, which solved 120 years of difficulties (separating the upper and lower body of a car) will be released for the first time in the world on Mondo’s online platform, CES 2021, on the 11.