Broadband wireless system continues to gain acceptance

Ogier Electronics’ DL10 broadband wireless system, designed to provide cost-effective broadband services and solutions to residential and business users, continues to gain wider global acceptance.

The DL10 systems have been in operation for about 10 years with major cable operators in Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Ukraine, Spain, Ireland, and other countries.
The DL10, which operates in the 10.5 GHz frequency band, is ideally suited to those applications where data rates of up to 2 Mbps are required. However, the system also has the capacity to provide higher rates of up to 10 Mbps.
Although the equipment is aimed primarily at broadband services, it can also be used for various other applications including E1 and T1 using multiplex equipment from established manufacturers, multi-channel TV to the international DVB-C standard and wide area CCTV.
The system interfaces directly to Data-Over-Cable-Service-Interface-Specification (DOCSIS) equipment. This is the de facto world standard for IP cable systems and requires no proprietary hardware. As a result it allows operators the maximum flexibility in the choice of equipment manufacturers’ and suppliers. The wireless is transparent and behaves identically to cable.
As the system is supported by major manufacturers of broadband routers, modems and network management, operators can select the correct mix of peripheral equipment without being tied to a single supplier. The level of standardisation is the target to which other wireless systems such as Wi-Max are trying to aspire for.
Licenced band for interference free operation, scalability to high capacity in excess of 800 Mbps per base station, compatibility with the DOCSIS open standard and Wi-Fi, and  complete network management and turnkey solutions are some of the other key features of the Ogier DL 10 broadband wireless system.

Proven track record
Ogier Electronics designs and manufactures professional microwave transmission solutions for a wide range of broadcast, security and data communication applications.
Ogier products are used in Security Systems, Broadband Wireless and Railway Applications. With a long established pedigree in communication engineering and systems design, the company offers a wide range of solutions for fixed and mobile applications to its global customer base.
Ogier supplies equipment ranging from single communications links to complete national security systems to end-users and to multinational customers who incorporate these products into their systems. All the products comply with current European quality and safety standards including the regulations specifically related to microwave transmission equipment.

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