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A Digital Realty Company, Africa’s largest interconnection hub and vendor-neutral data centre provider, has announced it will offer connectivity directly through Google Cloud Interconnect at its Isando Campus to the Google Cloud Johannesburg region 

This follows Google’s announcement last week of the launch of the Google Cloud region in Johannesburg, it’s first on the African continent. Google Cloud Interconnect provides low-latency, high-availability connections that enable enterprises to reliably transfer data using direct physical connections between clients’ on-premises networks and the Google network.

Connecting to Google’s Cloud Interconnect means traffic does not traverse the public internet and provides the following benefits:

1) More reliable and consistent cloud networking services compared to internet-based connections.

2) Low-latency connection compared with the public internet.

3) By bypassing the public internet, traffic takes fewer hops, so there are fewer points of failure.

4) Scaled connection capacity to meet requirements.

5) Increased reliability with a dedicated and pre-established network path.

6) Improved security because data traffic flows over trusted endpoints in a secure data centre location.

Designed to meet enterprise needs, Google Cloud offers powerful compute and networking performance, a comprehensive portfolio of infrastructure and platform cloud services, and unique capabilities from application development and business analytics to data management, integration, security, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain.

“Our direct connections to the Google Cloud infrastructure ensure our clients have direct, secure access to the critical IT resources they need for business success. The launch of Google Cloud in Africa is another important milestone in our digital transformation journey,” commented Michele McCann, Head of Platforms at Teraco.

Connecting directly to cloud providers is possible via Teraco’s cloud on-ramps, which enable rapid provisioning of services to multiple cloud providers. These connections deliver high-performance, secure, and low latency cloud services to enterprises and ISPs in the region by connecting directly to cloud locations that are geographically closest to them.

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