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Transforming African communities with AI & connectivity. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

AfriLabs, collaborating with Intel Corporation and Prosper Africa, proudly introduces the Intel Community Reach Program, initiating action on critical social challenges in underserved African communities 

Through leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and broadband connectivity, this endeavor aims to empower communities and instigate positive change across pivotal sectors such as education, healthcare, agriculture, environmental services, fintech solutions, and digital skills readiness.

The programme sets its sights on various key areas, encompassing the enhancement of access to quality education, especially in STEM fields, to empower forthcoming generations; the enhancement of healthcare services and accessibility to ensure community well-being; the amplification of agricultural productivity and sustainability to confront food security challenges; the implementation of solutions to counter environmental degradation and champion sustainability; the promotion of financial inclusion and facilitation of access to innovative fintech solutions for underserved populations; and the provision of digital skills necessary for success in the contemporary economy.

Organisations, enterprises, startups, SMEs, and institutions endeavoring to address social challenges using AI and/or broadband connectivity are called upon to apply. Projects must be rooted in African Union member states and cater to vulnerable populations in underserved regions. Intel, AfriLabs, and Prosper Africa pledge to furnish technical, consultancy, and financial support to selected projects, aiding in the realisation of their pioneering concepts.

“At Intel, we believe in the transformative power of AI, which is improving every aspect of our lives across every industry. This program reaffirms Intel’s commitment to bringing AI everywhere, leveraging its potential to drive positive change in underserved African communities and beyond. We are excited about this opportunity to partner with AfriLabs and Prosper Africa to enhance access to STEM education and help foster innovation and advanced technology for the betterment of society,” said Dr Bienvenu Agbokponto Soglo, director of government affairs Africa and IGA chief technology officer Liaison.

“Our partnership with Intel under the Prosper Africa Tech for Trade Alliance continues to grow. We are excited to work with AfriLabs on the Community Reach Program to encourage innovation in the African digital ecosystem and to empower the continent’s next generation to compete on the global stage,” British A Robinson, Prosper Africa coordinator.

“At AfriLabs, we are committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship across the African continent. The Intel Community Reach Program represents an exciting opportunity to leverage AI and broadband connectivity to drive positive change and empower communities”, commented Anna Ekeledo, executive director at AfriLabs.

Intel, AfriLabs, and Prosper Africa are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Women tech entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to apply, as their perspectives and contributions are essential to driving innovation and positive change.

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