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Paratus Group pioneers fastest fiber express route linking Johannesburg to Europe, revolutionising telecommunications with low latency and high-speed connectivity. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Paratus Group has introduced the fastest fibre express route connecting Johannesburg to Europe, a landmark achievement in telecommunications 

By utilising advanced technology such as Infinera FlexILS and GX Series DWDM equipment, this new route achieves an impressive latency of only 123 milliseconds and supports wavelengths of up to 800Gb.

This announcement follows Paratus' completion of a 1,890km fiber link from Johannesburg through Botswana to Swakopmund, where it connects with the Equiano subsea cable. Extending from Namibia to Lisbon and onwards to London and the rest of Europe, this subsea cable further enhances connectivity.

Express route redefines connectivity

Through substantial investment in its fiber network, Paratus has established the quickest route between Johannesburg and Lisbon, delivering significantly lower latency compared to similar alternatives. The route is now operational, facilitated by the completion of the Johannesburg to Lobatse link and the construction of the Botswana Kalahari Fiber (BKF) reaching the Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Swakopmund, Namibia.

This new express route from Paratus presents network operators with an unprecedented opportunity to enhance their capacity and redundancy, ensuring resilience and high-speed performance as standard. This ensures smooth data flow and minimises service interruptions. Furthermore, as the landing partner for the Equiano Subsea Cable in Namibia, Paratus provides an alternative route from South Africa, reducing the risk of fiber outages between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Martin Cox, chief commercial officer of Paratus Group, emphasised, “As a steadfast partner with pan-African expertise, we offer unrivaled wholesale capacity solutions for network operators,” Cox stated. “With tailored solutions to meet specific regional connectivity needs, we now offer carriers and operators an unmatched transmission route to Europe. It’s simply the best.”

Schalk Erasmus, group CEO, highlighted, “Our continual investment in creating Africa’s quality network is now extended with the launch of this express route,” Erasmus remarked. “This is an exciting time for network operators in South Africa, as they can now procure the fastest and most robust connectivity from Johannesburg to Europe.”

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