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Duxbury Networking, a reputable distributor of NETGEAR networking solutions for SMEs and corporates, has recently introduced the NETGEAR S3600 Series Smart Switches to the local market 

The series comprises the 8-port 10G multi-gigabit (XS508TM) and 16-port 10G multi-gigabit (XS516TM), designed to offer flexible and auto-adaptive wired connectivity for high-bandwidth devices.

“We are excited about the local potential for the NETGEAR S3600 Series Smart Switches as these enable companies to easily optimise their business networks regardless of the size. Forming part of NETGEAR’s Total Network Solution, these two new switches help businesses take advantage of the latest networking connectivity all from a single vendor and available through Duxbury in South Africa,” commented Tobie van Schalkwayk, business unit manager at Duxbury Networking.

The NETGEAR S3600 Series Smart Switches feature user-friendly web management for seamless initial configuration, facilitating quick onboarding at the access layer of a business network. Equipped with two 10G SFP+ fibre uplink ports, suitable for local 10G servers or uplink aggregation to the network core, these switches offer advanced features like IPv6 layer 2+/3 static routing, DiffServ QOS policies, LACP, broadcast/multicast/unicast control, DHCP, and more to cater to diverse medium to large business requirements.

“The growing networking demands of high-bandwidth applications and devices in the workplace often result in connectivity drops, slow speeds, bottlenecks, lagging content streaming and slow downloads. The NETGEAR S3600 Series Smart Switches address these issues head-on and enable business owners to simply connect devices and instantly give each device exactly the speed it needs – either 1G, 2.5G, 5G or 10G,” added Van Schalkwyk.

The ease of setup and management provided by the NETGEAR S3600 Series Smart Switches is crucial, particularly for businesses lacking onsite IT resources that are typically required for enterprise solutions. Iphie Chen, senior product line manager at NETGEAR, acknowledged the constant pressure faced by business owners as their companies grow and highlighted the challenge of managing networking bandwidth with the increasing number of high-bandwidth devices in the workplace.

To address these concerns, the NETGEAR S3600 Series Smart Switches offer a built-in user interface for full control over configuration. Additionally, businesses can benefit from the convenience of using the NETGEAR Insight cloud management platform for remote configuration and troubleshooting. Insight supports NETGEAR Pro Routers, Pro WiFi Access Points, and Smart Cloud Managed Switches, allowing network managers to deploy, manage, and monitor the entire network from a single pane of glass.