Offshore call centre telecom links get a boost

Vocalcom has deployed RAD Data Communications’ Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway to improve the performance of E1 lines between Paris and a Casablanca call centre.

RAD’s Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway provides compressed voice transmission over TDM and IP networks saving on bandwidth for satellite communications and on leased line costs for cellular operators, carriers and call centres. Employing powerful voice compression algorithms as well as TDMoIP technology, the Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway can compress up to 16 full E1 or T1 circuits over a single E1 or T1 or IP network.
Anthony Dinis, Vocalcom’s Director of Strategy and Development, said, “Our previous equipment suffered performance degradation at every peak in traffic, and that created constant user dissatisfaction. “Communication quality is of utmost importance in our operations, especially because poor voice transmission can make it difficult to understand the accent of a non-native French-speaking tele-operator,” he elucidated.
The compression capabilities integrated into the Vmux-2100 meet Vocalcom’s strict requirements and standards by regenerating natural speech qualities.

Call centre requirements
“RAD perfected the Vmux to such an extent that the device generates the precise amount of background noise that is necessary to ensure the user’s auditory comfort on the line,” Dinis added.
This noise, moreover, is artificially generated at the trunk end point to save bandwidth. Given that a single E1 leased line between France and Morocco costs €17,000 per month, every single kilobyte that can be saved is valuable. While call centres are now being relocated offshore at a rapid pace, the cost of international telecom links can considerably erode expected savings.
“The voice compression capability of the Vmux was the second argument in favor of choosing the RAD solution, since the savings in labor costs accrued by the offshore relocation of the call centre cannot be compromised by higher than necessary transmission costs,” Dinis noted.

Easy operating systems
Working in tandem with Vocalcom, Connect Data, a RAD Data Communications distributor partner in France, installed a Vmux-2100 voice trunking gateway at each end of a single 2 Mbps international link, compressing each 64 kbps channel down to 4.7 kbps. The compressed voice allows the remaining bandwidth to be allocated to the transmission of data, including the user’s data records that appear on the teleoperator’s screen when a call is made to the centre. While the maximum compression capability of the Vmux allows for up to 16 E1 lines to be multiplexed onto a single link, a total of eight E1 lines are compressed in this particular application. This saves Vocalcom a total of €16,800 per month in leased line costs while still providing an option for potential expansion in the future.
“The Vmux-2100 units were fully installed within two hours, which illustrates the simplicity that characterises the product’s day-to-day operations as well,” noted Ron Sapir, Senior Vmux Product Line Manager at RAD Data Communications. “The fact that the product pays for itself in less than one month testifies to its seamless operation and competitive pricing.”

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