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Rack Centre and AWS boost Africa's connectivity, linking local centers to global AWS network for digital growth. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Rack Centre and AWS have partnered to enhance internet connectivity across Africa 

This collaboration, facilitated by a recent webinar titled “AWS Direct Connect: Extend Your On-Premise Networks into AWS,” brought industry experts together to discuss critical connectivity challenges.

During the session, experts emphasised how AWS Direct Connect provides reliable solutions for managing and scaling network traffic. Real-time bandwidth adjustments prevent businesses from exceeding limits, while built-in security features make it a trusted choice for sectors like finance and consulting.

The collaboration also bridges local and global connectivity. By enabling direct connections from local data centers to AWS’s extensive global network, businesses reduce reliance on public internet, ensuring higher speeds and lower latency for efficient data exchange. Local service providers play a crucial role in facilitating these connections, seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.

AWS Solutions Architect Ashraf Altalleh highlighted Direct Connect’s technical advantages, emphasising its importance for streamlining operations and expanding digital capabilities. He described it as a dedicated, high-performance connection that minimises latency and maximises reliability.

Obinna Adumike, head of Interconnection and Peering at AF-CIX, discussed the role of AF-CIX as a mediator between AWS and businesses. He highlighted the availability of hosted Direct Connect services through AF-CIX.

“AF-CIX serves as a vital bridge, providing businesses with cost-effective and dependable cloud interconnection solutions. Our goal is to bolster cloud interconnection, peering, and efficient traffic localisation, thereby supporting digital transformation across Africa,” Adumike said.

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session, addressing network resilience, equipment requirements, and AWS gateway availability in Nigeria. Participants were encouraged to connect with AWS representatives for personalised consultations, demonstrating AWS’s commitment to assisting businesses in regulatory navigation and compliance.

This collaboration between Rack Centre and AWS strengthens Africa’s connectivity infrastructure. As a carrier-neutral data center, Rack Centre continues to provide comprehensive connectivity solutions, fueling Africa’s digital ecosystem and growth.

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