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Ignition Group has unveiled an eSIM on its mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) uConnect and Me&you Mobile, closing the digital gap 

In a bid to drive connectivity and equality, Ignition offers complimentary eSIMs, plus data and airtime access. Ignition's mobile division encompasses MVN-X, a key part of the MVNO ecosystem, supporting Cell C's and MTN's platforms

Distinct from mainstream networks requiring in-store eSIM purchases, Ignition empowers prepaid and month-to-month subscribers to download their eSIMs. Users receive 1GB data and US$50 airtime upon activation, temporarily. The SIM is free for uConnect, costing US$1 to activate on Me&you Mobile.

uConnect eSIM holders enjoy perks similar to regular SIM users, including rewards for customary spending. Topping up yields double free airtime, be it through store vouchers, banking apps, or uConnect's app. Buying a US$1,000 Checkers or Pick n Pay voucher offers an extra 1GB data.

Conducting transactions via Zapper in the uConnect app grants subscribers 3.5% airtime back. Likewise, spending on a Spot Money account provides 3.5% airtime rewards.

uConnect CEO Siddeek Rahim envisions customers avoiding airtime expenses by spending as usual. Ignition's free eSIM initiative strives to make the digital economy accessible to all South Africans.

The initiative resonates with the transformative power of the digital economy in South Africa, ensuring equitable access to information and services. Ignition's move stands as a remarkable stride towards fostering inclusivity and empowerment in the burgeoning digital landscape.


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