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iONLINE Connected Networks, a major enterprise private LTE provider in South Africa, has introduced multi-network resilience with the launch of FlexiSIM, the nation’s inaugural locally crafted intelligent network switching (eUICC) SIM 

This eUICC technology enables FlexiSIM to receive remote updates, allowing seamless switching between mobile network operators (MNOs) over the air, sans the need for intricate interventions or configurations.

With multi-network resilience encompassing three carriers (MTN, Vodacom, and Telkom), FlexiSIM ensures users maintain connectivity even in regions with poor coverage.

David Farquharson, iONLINE ISP (PTY) Ltd's founder and CEO, stated, “Unstable connectivity can significantly impact the economy, causing inconvenience, frustration, missed opportunities, lost customers, and decreased revenue.”

“It stunts growth, inhibits progress and innovation, hindering business success. In essence, unreliable connectivity parallels unreliable power, potentially deciding between a flourishing business and a failing one.”

iONLINE devised a virtualised SIM profile that remotely downloads onto the groundbreaking FlexiSIM using the eUICC (embedded universal integrated circuit card) – a SIM component enabling MNO switches over the air.

The capability to remotely update the SIM using iONLINE’s global network also allows reconfiguration to connect with various roaming and local carriers at local rates worldwide.

“After 36 months of extensive research, development, and international best practice partnerships, we are immensely proud to be South Africa’s pioneering company in launching this technology,” Farquharson remarked.

“Picture your team on the brink of launching a revolutionary new product, solution, or technology that could potentially save lives or clinch a game-changing deal propelling your business to new heights.”

“All the effort, passion, and dedication invested in this critical moment could be shattered instantly due to a dropped connection or power outage. The frustration from such an event is unimaginable, but unfortunately, these things do occur.”

FlexiSIM offers a seamless, global mobile connectivity solution that is user-friendly and adaptable.

Its focus on privacy and security eradicates concerns about data breaches or leaks, while its ability to remotely update the SIM without complex configurations accommodates businesses of any size, facilitating scalable operations effortlessly.

“Consider the impact of uninterrupted global connectivity on your business,” Farquharson added. “Imagine the possibilities if such an obstacle were no longer a concern.”