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15267487142 625c875c4c zMotorola Solutions, a mission-critical communications specialist, has launched a new two-way radio device designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in sub-Saharan Africa

The two-way radio MOTOTRBO DP540 is designed for cost-conscious businesses looking to move to digital technology for reliable and efficient communication.

As demand for digital radio communication is rising, small and medium-sized enterprises are looking for affordable and straightforward solutions to their communication needs without compromising on quality. The new device, available in sub-Saharan Africa through certified Motorola Solutions resellers, is based on the ETSI Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard, which has been proven worldwide in low-complexity digital affordable systems.

Laurent Tribout, director of Motorola Solutions indirect sales for sub-Saharan Africa, said, “In today’s economy, small and medium businesses are constantly under pressure to deliver more and deliver fast, all while keeping a conscious mind on reducing costs. With this in mind, we have developed a communication solution that holds all the necessary features in one affordable device.”

Ruggedly versatile, digital out-of-the-box

The MOTOTRBO DP540 can operate on both analogue and digital modes. In this way, as the business transitions to digital technology, radio users can operate and communicate on their new MOTOTRBO DP540 radios while at work.

The compact, ruggedly-engineered device is built to withstand harsh conditions and resist corrosion even in the saltiest environments such as seaports and harbours. It features superior audio output and unique features, such as customising voice announcements, allowing users to use their own audio files to customise the voice announcement languages.

MOTOTRBO DP540 is also designed for multi-language work environments, with special audio profiles designed to deliver enhanced audio quality when speaking languages with distinct rolled ‘R’s such as French or Afrikaans.

Handsfree when sanitation is significant

Healthcare workers rely on two-way radio communication for many of their daily tasks, just like in many mission-critical work areas whether it is coordinating arrivals of patients, or briefing an ambulance team on the way to a scene. In many circumstances, such as medical staff who treat COVID-19 patients, handling their radio devices is not ideal for personnel.

The MOTOTRBO device portfolio, including the new DP540 model, is equipped with a voice-activated transmission (VOX) feature that allows users to operate their radio without pressing the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button. Healthcare workers and other essential workers can keep their hands free and clean along with compatible earpieces designed for handsfree operation.