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With digitalisation unlocking a plethora of business opportunities in an increasingly connected continent, African countries are emphasising investments in digital technologies, communications infrastructure, IT hubs, data centers, e-commerce, and e-government services

digitalisationThe African Union’s Digital Transformation Strategy 2020-2030 aims to bring universal digital access and develop a single pan-African digital market. (Image source: Ostatech)

With the ratification of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA), new opportunities in technology start-ups and e-businesses are expected to grow the combined GDP to over US$600bn.

Now, more than ever, it has become apparent just how critical a communications infrastructure is to optimise these commercial processes. The African Union’s Digital Transformation Strategy 2020-2030 aims to bring universal digital access and develop a single pan-African digital market. The World Bank estimates that just a 10% increase in mobile internet penetration can translate into a 2.5% increase in GDP.

Satellite connectivity solutions enable the integration of latest technologies with existing infrastructure. According to the African Space Industry Annual Report 2019, satellite communications generate approximately US$6.5bn in Africa annually. IEC Telecom Group, an international provider of satellite communication services, expanded its services to East Africa in 2021 with an official partnership with OstaTech Limited, a leading information and technology company in Kenya. This partnership has been key to creating economic opportunities as well as increasing investments in innovative infrastructure and satellite communications in the East African market.

Kenya is quickly becoming a tech hub for East Africa and is one of the fastest-growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, 10% of all projects awarded between 2018 and 2020 focused on the digital transformation of the government, healthcare, and education sectors. "Connectivity is crucial for efficient, affordable, and safe business processes. Digitalisation can empower business owners with reduced infrastructure investments and state-of-the-art hybrid technologies. It is almost a virtuous circle to see innovations in technology creating opportunities for increased entrepreneurship, and increased incentives for doing business in Kenya creating the demand for more connectivity," said Oscar Mwai, CEO at Ostatech Limited.

IEC Telecom is committed to extending the scope of digitalisation in East Africa. "We believe that the introduction of affordable satellite connectivity that enables access to resources for remote communities almost at par with well-connected urban areas creates immense incentives for entrepreneurship and innovation," commented Alaa Alsadi, business development director, Middle East & Africa, IEC Telecom Group. "Our wide portfolio of satcom solutions optimises e-business services, offers a reliable back-up for the GSM network, and ensures business continuity in an unpredictable and ever-evolving business landscape," he added.

IEC Telecom has long-standing relationships with key satellite operators that place it in a unique position to support global business operations as well as regional set-ups. As an International Golden Service Provider for Thuraya Telecommunications, IEC Telecom has worked jointly with Thuraya for 15+ years to develop high-performing customised solutions and value-added services that empower the public and private sector’s digital transformation journey. Thuraya’s portfolio of innovative products is complemented by IEC Telecom’s value-added applications to bring bespoke and optimised connectivity services, including videoconferencing, remote maintenance, and telemedicine, to government, humanitarian, and enterprise operations across the globe.

OneGate is a future-ready network management solution that operates in dual GSM/satcom mode. This system is geared to minimise expenses by automatically routing traffic at least cost while optimising usage by means of filtration and compression. In addition, OneGate is managed via a digital dashboard. This offers advanced visibility over active communication links and network traffic, bandwidth control, management of credit limits, the ability to issue vouchers for team communications, and more. All of the value-added services can be managed remotely, which allows to further save on transport costs and avoid logistical delays.