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Deutsche Telekom Group and Microsoft have announced an expansion of their partnership to help customers of all sizes accelerate their cloud transformation initiatives

For many companies, the cloud provides an opportunity to reduce IT costs, increase flexibility and accelerate innovation. However, taking full advantage of cloud computing requires a high-performance network that can scale up to meet technology's growing demands.

By combining Microsoft's cloud and AI capabilities with Telekom's cloud migration framework and telecommunications services, companies are enabling customers to increase productivity, build more agile and resilient operations, and deliver new cloud services more quickly.

“The case for digital transformation has never been more urgent. We know that the next decade of economic performance for every business, whether large or small, will depend on the digital investments made today,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice-president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Moving mainframe workloads to the cloud is one of the specific areas of the partnership. Telekom will also offer its customers direct access to the Microsoft cloud via Azure ExpressRoute. Bypassing the public Internet, customers will have increased agility through faster connectivity to better address regional compliance and data residency needs.

Enabling digital collaboration and streamlining business operations

Telekom will offer Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Teams to help people and businesses get more connected and productive from anywhere. As part of this, companies have started a German school project to re-imagine traditional approaches to education, enabling remote learning through a cloud-based IT infrastructure, modern devices, and cloud productivity and collaboration applications within Microsoft 365.

To leverage the benefits of cloud computing for critical business processes, such as enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, Telekom supports its customers with moving their SAP environments to Azure. SAP solutions on Azure offer enterprise-grade security, and business continuity and reduce hardware expenses, making it easier for startups and smaller organisations to get started.

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