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utd. by content WB Cape Mediautd. by content has announced a deal with WB Cape Media to offer local digital cinema distribution and related services for South Africa and the rest of the continent

utd. by content has worked with WB Cape Media, a company that ensures secure distribution of digital media throughout Africa, on previous films for Warner Bros. and other Hollywood majors across cinemas in South Africa.

Alan Christensen, senior director for digital cinema at utd. by content, said, “The partnership with WB Cape Media comes at a very exciting time. Our vision for utd. by content is already taking shape as we continue to forge strong relationships with local partners around the world.

“Africa is a territory we expect to grow exponentially over coming years, and we are delighted to be working with a company that shares our ethos, and is dedicated to delivering high-quality content to audiences via efficient digital distribution networks,” he added.

Under the partnership, WB Cape Media will help local distributors and/or regional studio offices prepare titles for theatrical release.

The deal will help to further streamline the distribution chain for South African cinemas and is in line with utd. by content’s strategy of working with experienced, local partners in order to expand in key markets.

Ben Buitendag, director of WB Cape Media, commented, “Forging a strategic partnership with utd. by content represents a significant step in our business development strategy. As a well-respected industry player with global reach, matchless expertise and a wealth of experience, utd. by content provides us with considerable competitive advantage and greatly enhances our service offering in Africa.”

The collaboration follows utd. by content’s other recent partnerships with Nevafilm in Russia and Acctcent in Singapore.

The company rebranded from KIT digital Content Solutions in early January 2013.

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