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Palm TVThe brainchild of African marketing and tech media entrepreneur Patrick Palmi, Palm TV, social media streaming service, has reached more than 20 million people globally, while capturing the attention of audiences with its entertaining influencer podcasts and live tv shows

Speaking about his inspiration behind the concept, Palmi said the free service available on, and all social media platforms (@OfficialPalmTV) came off the decline in linear TV viewership where people are now massively moving towards on-demand video streaming services like Netflix, Showmax, Amazon prime video, Apple TV, etc.

Palmi said his vision was to empower small businesses across the continent to start getting onto a bigger influential online television platform, advertise and sell their products at a much more affordable price point than traditional TV.

Interestingly a unique selling point of the live stream is its shoppable capabilities which allows small businesses to list their products and viewers to purchase outfits, food and drinks that influential hosts and guests have during the show. In addition, Palm TV also streams live on all Social Media platforms simultaneously, on roadside digital billboards as well as on smart tv’s in public transport, taxi ranks, golf clubs, clinics and hospitals concurrently to reach and engage with millions of people.

Palm TV currently produces 10+ live interactive and engaging TV programmes per week with an incredible line up of media personalities and social media sensations.  The aim is to grow programming to a 24-hour live channel. 

“We aim to grow the number of influential figures on our platform (actors/ actresses, business moguls, politicians, young artists, sportsmen, etc) to have true conversations with our global community that changes the African narrative and unlock the true potential of our content,” said Palmi.