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jordan rowland Q64WE8Xo9bs unsplashMultiChoice Group (MCG) has announced that its subsidiary SuperSport has acquired exclusive rights to broadcast matches of the Ethiopian Premier League

SuperSport added Ethiopia to its portfolio of soccer properties, which includes the Zambian Premier League and the Premier Soccer League (PSL) in South Africa, reaffirming MCG’s commitment to investment in sport across Africa, according to the company’s statement.

The Ethiopian Premier League is the largest football club in Ethiopia and comprises 16 clubs. The broadcasts of the Ethiopian Premier League will be broadcast throughout sub-Saharan Africa and the adjacent islands, where the appetite for soccer is considerable.

MultiChoice Group CEO Calvo Mawela emphasised the significance of the sport for the Group and what the deal means for Ethiopian football. “Through SuperSport, we are the leading sports broadcaster in Africa, with millions of fans across the continent watching our programming. Sport is an integral part of our content offering, and it makes sense for our business to promote the development of sports content. This partnership will increase the visibility of the Ethiopian Premier League, attracting fans from across the continent.,” he added.

SuperSport will produce broadcasts along with the empowerment of local production staff. SuperSport’s holistic approach to developing local leagues has seen these leagues grow from strength to strength, and the Ethiopian Premier League will no doubt benefit from having a SuperSport partner of stature and expertise as it looks to the future.

“This is an important MCG agreement, one that confirms our commitment to investing in Ethiopia and across Africa. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to Ethiopia through the development of local skills and industries, and through exciting content plans that speak to Ethiopians in their voices. By continuing to invest in local markets across Africa, we intend to create sustainable value for local industries; and opportunities for local content creators; distribution of content in local languages; and promotion of local talent,” added Mawela.