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Huawei Technologies, a specialist in information and communication technology solutions, has established the Cairo New Campus Club (CNCC) during the New Network Solutions for Enterprise Summit that was held in Sharm El-Sheikh

This came in partnership with more than 100 industrial partners in the field of both education and urban expansion in Egypt aiming to develop new and smart network solutions for enterprises, by providing a smarter, simpler, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable communication network for the education and urbanisation sectors, which helps Egypt advance the urban wheel development and digital transformation.

The New Network Solutions for Enterprise Summit included 26 participants from 19 entities from the education sector represented by the Ministry of Higher Education, 10 public universities, eight private universities, and 24 companies from the real estate development sector.

During the Summit, Leo Hongliang, vice- president of the enterprise business group of Huawei North Africa said, “Huawei aims to digitise all industries and different sectors through providing information and communication technologies and by providing new and smart network solutions to suit each sector and industry in order to achieve inclusive growth. We work in cooperation with our partners to help companies grow their businesses, and help governments, institutions, universities, and educational facilities achieve their strategic goals to enhance the local industry, take advantage and develop the available capabilities, and improve governance.”

Vincent Sun, CEO of Huawei Egypt, commented, “Of course 2020 was undoubtedly a challenging year, and COVID-19 had a major negative impact on every aspect of life, which made us receive 2021 with new challenges but with the desire to overcome the epidemic and return the world towards the right track Huawei continues its work by providing the latest technological solutions at the local level. For Huawei, 2021 was an exceptional year but due to the constant support and trust of our trusted customers and partners we have been able to maintain sustainable growth.” 

Nisreen Lashin, head of the investor support unit at the Ministry of Finance, welcomed in her speech all the investors participating in the summit and their serious contributions in promoting the development in Egypt to build New Cairo, the new administrative capital, and help many sectors in achieving digital transformation.

She stressed that the government represented by the Ministry of Finance is working hard to provide all facilities to investors to help them participate in the government's efforts in achieving Egypt's Vision 2030 pertinent to digital transformation, through cooperation with the Social Funds or the foreign invested funds in education and building smart cities.

Huawei plans and works on strengthening cooperation with partners in various industrial sectors, and regularly organises CNCC conferences to discuss the direction and strategy of building new and intelligent enterprise networks, and jointly develop industry standards. The company is working to promote building a local ecosystem for smart institutions and universities and to contribute to the digital transformation in Egypt.

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