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Airtel Africa digitalAirtel Africa, a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services with a presence in 14 countries in Africa, has rolled out a digital learning initiative in Kenya, as part of its partnership with UNICEF to connect over one million learners in Africa to online learning resources over the next five years

Under the initiative, 30 schools spread across Kenya have been connected to the internet via Airtel’s high-speed 4G Routers. Also, learning platforms have been zero-rated (subscription free) to enable over 10,500 Kenyan children access to digital educational resources approved by the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

Speaking during the launch at Ngei Primary School in Nairobi, Airtel Kenya’s managing director, Ashish Malhotra said that the initiative that was part of a US$57mn partnership with UNICEF signed in October 2021 to provide access to education to disadvantaged children, mostly in rural and hard-to-reach communities across 13 of its 14 country operations in Africa. In Kenya, it will cover 30 schools in the first year. Ngei Primary School, which has 1,200 learners, becomes the first school to be connected.

“Education is an important area of focus for us at Airtel Kenya. We remain passionate about accelerating access to digital learning in Kenya and our other markets. This is because of our belief in education as a way of guaranteeing that the future is in safe hands. By connecting all children, we aim to give them an opportunity to compete with their peers,” added Malhotra.

UNICEF’s innovation manager, Charles Otine said, “We are pleased to begin connecting schools to the internet in partnership with Airtel Kenya. Our aim is to connect as many children as possible to ensure that they all enjoy learning and have opportunity  to realise their full potential.”