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PWIDQuickly recognise the right hardware for fast and error-free data centre intervention

Rely on Brady’s industrial grade labels that remain legible, and stay attached to any cable, disk, panel, rack, router, switch and server. Discover Brady's dedicated data centre identification solutions and get the free data center identification guide!

Not a single server cable will require manual tracing during installation, network refreshes and troubleshooting when identified with reliable Brady labels for error-free data centre intervention.

Solve identification challenges:

- Fast reconnects at all times: quickly connect cables to the right ports with reliable labels that stay attached and remain legible

- Total control: print any label in the data centre or at any location when you need it

- Fast support & quality service: get a globally available product with dedicated local service and technical support

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lowres 1With Brady you are covered

An ever-evolving industry needs ever-evolving suppliers. Brady is always researching new materials and products to offer reliable identification solutions that make a difference for our customers. When server connection density increases, we adapt our labels and label design software to make sure you can neatly identify every port for every server type active in your data centre.

If you need to outsource to service providers, we can standardise your labels, or support security with RFID enabled labels. And we can do this anywhere in the world in big, edge, or even single server data centres.

Anywhere in the world, Brady and our partner network can offer your ideal identification solution and the local support to customise your labels and maintain your label printers. With a global manufacturing footprint, we can handle bulk demands and fast deliveries of quality labels. Wherever you are, we're just around the corner.

Data centre identification guide book

Digitisation accelerates across many industries, and data centre capacity is keeping pace. Increasing needs for security, speed and capacity result in expansion, modernisation, relocation, higher server and router port densities and variable panels. All of this will require flexible identification solutions that support highly efficient data centre professionals to deliver their best work fast.

The specialised guide offers a high-level overview of the identification solutions Brady offers to data centre customers.

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