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NAPAfrica, South Africa’s public peering facility and a part of vendor neutral data centre provider Teraco Data Environments, has reached a speed of 1Gbps in multilateral peering traffic in just five months since launch

Teraco managing director Lex van Wyk claimed that NAPAfrica was growing into the global voice and data exchange for Africa, focused not only on local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), but also on large content providers, carriers and enterprises, both local and international.

A statement from NAPAfrica said, “NAPAfrica started as an initial exchange of just 64Mbps and the recent growth makes it one of the largest multi-lateral peering exchanges in Africa.”

Van Wyk remarked, “The simplicity of just one agreement is further enhanced by settlement-free interconnection.”

According to Van Wyk, the lack of reliable power and infrastructure in many parts of Africa has created an opportunity to establish South Africa as a central hub from which ISPs and cloud services would be able to serve Africa.

He said, “Teraco is the first premium, vendor neutral data centre offering access to highly secure, premier grade data centre infrastructure for a diverse choice of connectivity to all service providers and their clients.

 “Currently, we manage 1,045 interconnects and offer access to over 20 carriers offering our clients access to a total capacity of 23tbps.

“We’ve also seen over 4gbps of private peering live within the data centre which truly demonstrates the core benefit of an exchange like NAPAfrica,” he added.