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fire police emergency communication encryption wireless IFB- Revario Imtradex communications solution control rooms

Accidents happen quickly. In addition to prevention by regular trainings or precautions, a quick reaction time is most important in any case of emergency.

Control centres of police and fire departments, as well as operational control rooms of companies with large manufacturing sites, play a key role. They coordinate any kind of operation, required, to solve an emergency as soon as possible. Consequently, clear communication, going along with reliable communication technologies are most important to enable effective and smooth working procedures. This is why our core aim is to constantly improve the sound quality and usability of headsets for dispatch and control centres, to always provide clear and effective communication. With the new IFB-Revario system, Imtradex, the specialist for hear-/ talk accessories provides an innovative communication solution for control centres.

The wireless send button PTT-13WL and the IFB receiver enriches a standard wireless phone headset by "push to talk" (PTT)-function. The IFB-Revario has just recently been improved significantly. The new version is getting along without Keeloq encryption. Instead, PTT-function is now run by the digital exchange of individual serial numbers. This allows parallel operation of several systems without interferences, which reduces operating costs significantly.

“Furthermore, once used NiMH batteries are replaced by much lighter and rechargeable Li-Ion batteries. This on the one hand reduces the weight of the wireless PTT and furthermore increases the operation time" explains Mathias Iser, technical director of Imtradex Hör-/Sprechsysteme GmbH ( another advantage of the latest IFB-Revario-generation.

For recharging the wireless send button PTT-13WL the company now also supplies a charging station. This should provide the opportunity to get a tidy impression and use as less space as possible. Another important novelty is the range control function: In case the user is about to step out of range or the communication has already been cut off, the headset produces a continuing beep as warning tone, till the user steps back into range. Though this safety function can be switched off upon request, it should attract the dispatcher’s awareness, to avoid that he will step out of range. Furthermore, the new version of the PTT-13WL send button will now be provided in black ABS plastic. "Experiences showed that the once used silver colour sometimes wears off by hand perspiration. This is why we alternatively decided for a solid-coloured black version in order to re-gain and increase the handling comfort." says Mathias Iser. The latest generation of IFB- Revario, the Imtradex communications solution for control rooms, is available from now on.