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Cloud Box Technologies (CBT), a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Middle East, has expanded its business with the launch of its new security practice, with an expanded team of cybersecurity specialists and a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and services

In offering its cybersecurity services, CBT has adopted a holistic approach and believes that this is a business enabler for companies in the region that are tackling transformation technologies in the new normal.

Ranjith Kaippada, managing director at Cloud Box Technologies, said, “The three steps include detecting and identifying system and network vulnerabilities and risks; protecting people, processes and technologies and responding to events and incidents; and recovering data and information and monitoring cybersecurity incidents in real-time.

“It is essential and vital that we have this framework in place. The solutions that we design, deploy and implement at customer sites are prone to threats and can be compromised at any time. Usually, end-user networks are not secure and have less than the desired requirements in place.

“It is our responsibility to secure customer assets wherever we have deployed our solutions. That is why we have added a cybersecurity framework in our portfolio wherever we are offering technologies and solutions.”

CBT’s cybersecurity services portfolio now includes system protection, network and data protection, cloud security, identity and access governance, and professional and managed security services.

Other than cybersecurity, Cloud Box Technologies’ portfolio of services includes cable and cable accessories, CCTV and physical security, data centre services, network IT infrastructure, product offerings for Microsoft and Oracle, hyperconverged and VDI solutions, server and storage, and cloud solutions and services.

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