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Information security management firm Digital Encode has introduced a monitoring solution that will remotely monitor the cyberspace of organisations and report or stop unauthorised access to database in Nigeria

According to Digital Encode, the monitoring solution is expected to monitor vulnerable ports, servers, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, cyber threat maps, which shows the line of attacks and the sectors being attacked.

Oluseyi Akindeinde, chief technical officer of Digital Encode, said, “The solution, which was developed by the Centre for Information Security Intelligence (CISI), an arm of Digital Encode, was necessitated by the growing rate of cyber attacks and cyber espionage leading to loss of data and money.”

Akindeinde added that the solution was capable of monitoring banks' networks with its threat management system solution. “The solution comes with installed sensors that give alerts if there is observed intrusion. Our solution can easily detect attacks and blacklist the IP address from where the attack emanated from, and thereafter blacklist and block all illegal transactions from the IP address," he noted.

Wale Obadare, chief marketing officer of Digital Encode, said that the monitoring solution was affordable for big and small organisations and it is expected to monitor cyberspace of organisations in order to investigate fraud related issues.

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