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Tv AfricaExset has revealed the way its Digital Monetisation System (DMS) operates and how it is key to the transformation and monetisation of television platforms across Africa

The company, which has created an onscreen system using Exset-developed content publishing technology, has set a target for its set-top boxes of US$20 per unit.

“To make this project work we needed to develop an ecosystem – now called the Digital Monetisation System (DMS) - that allows additional interactive services over and above TV via digital networks at an incredibly low price point for operators – our target for set-top boxes is US$20 per unit, which we’ve met,” said Gary Ellis, chief technology officer of Exset.

“This means that revenues can be generated not only via a very low subscription fee, but also via interactive transactions and information dissemination.”

This interactive content publisher is accessible on the internet and is comparable to a website content management system.

Established in 2011, Exset, aims to offer solutions to the television industry with its focus on emerging markets, it said.

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