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Africa-TVFibre-based network service provider Workonline Communications is set to launch Africa Media Exchange (AMX) to allow broadcasters and content producers to exchange information and content quickly and easily

Workonline Communications business development director Edward Lawrence said, “The exchange essentially simplifies the media and broadcast industry. For content distributors, it will mean considerable cost reductions, time efficiencies and improved reliability. It opens far more channels for the exchange of content, and provides choice and flexibility compared to the traditional broadcast channels.

“For content originators and producers, particularly African content networks, the exchange provides a platform for their content to reach a global audience through the most apt channels. Additionally, for the end consumer, it means a far large availability of content at a better cost.”

According to the company, it will provide necessary network technology, innovation and expertise required for the exchange of media, as well as the connectivity between the content providers and content distributors.

Media content will be transmitted to multiple broadcasters, either over public or private networks. It can be transmitted or stored in multiple formats and by multiple CDN’s over various broadcast distribution methods and simultaneously shared.

The content can be distributed over high-speed triple play copper, fibre or wireless networks via IPTV and OTT platform to varying devices.