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Airtel Africa has begun rolling out its 5G network in Nigeria 

The network will initially go live in three countries starting in Nigeria and followed by Tanzania and Zambia, with plans underway to rollout in the rest of the markets.

With 5G, customers can now enjoy immersive real-time gaming, streaming live content among other uses on the ultra-fast, ultra-reliable network for home internet. Greater and seamless connectivity will also power businesses, particularly those that run on web-based applications as well as facilitate virtual meetings.

Airtel Africa’s group CEO, Segun Ogunsanya said, “With the 5G network, we are offering our customers an opportunity to live the future and experience its possibilities. This is in line with our purpose to transform lives. By investing in cutting-edge digital connectivity to unlock a broad range of opportunities, we are facilitating a digitally connected world for our customers and giving them a reason to imagine”.

The 5G network will be concentrated in specific zones, such as highly populated residential areas and amenities such as malls, hospitals, city centers and central business districts. In these specific 5G zones which will be designated and marked, customers can enjoy up to ten times faster internet, streaming vivid-quality videos uninterrupted. The 5G network can only be connected through compatible devices.