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GetBundi's second cohort focuses on diminishing gender disparity in tech by training 1,000 Nigerian women in web development and data analytics through the tech. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

GetBundi, a platform dedicated to education in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and digital skills, is currently enlisting participants for its second cohort, aiming to diminish the gender disparity within the tech sector 

In its quest to lessen the gender imbalance in technology, GetBundi is enrolling its second group of learners. The platform specializes in STEM and digital skill instruction.

The TechSis initiative by GetBundi is set to educate 1,000 Nigerian women, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs.

From Nigeria’s six geopolitical regions, the ministry will fund the training of 300 women aged 18-35, who are either ministry employees or associates.

The 2024 TechSis program will concentrate on web development and data analytics. GetBundi has pointed out that women make up just around 20% of Africa’s tech workforce, a stark underrepresentation.

Globally, the tech field has been predominantly male, but the gender disparity in Africa is notably severe.

Osita Oparaugo, the founder of GetBundi Education Foundation, stated, “Recognising that not everyone across Africa could have the opportunity to study on our platform, we set up GetBundi Education Foundation to support those who are potentially left behind.”

The inaugural 2023 program was a resounding success, focusing on equipping 500 African women with coding skills.

Oparaugo expressed, “The response has been nothing short of astounding, with over 3,000 women applying last year, and a staggering 6,300 applicants for the upcoming program in just under ten days of the announcement.”

By 2034, GetBundi is determined to enhance the skills of ten million workers across Africa.

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