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Paratus Zambia has invested in refurbishing the computer lab at Musonda Community School in Kitwe by supplying additional computers, printers, a 2Mbps internet link, and furniture  

Since then, it is estimated that more than 1,000 students have benefitted from the use of the computer lab, and a total of more than 4,500 learning sessions have been delivered. The Paratus Zambia mantra is to always be prepared. This, coupled with its mission to transform Africa through exceptional digital infrastructure and service, has ensured the telco’s commitment to help the future generation handle technological developments.

Marius Van Vuuren, country manager for Paratus Zambia, explained, “We were excited about helping the Musonda Community School in 2020, and we are now amazed to see how many students have been able to use the resources since then. Giving young people a head start with access to this kind of technology is a great advantage to further their education in our ever-evolving world. At Paratus Zambia, we take pride in keeping our customers connected all the time; by giving the students constant access to a world of information, we are being true to our mission and our vision.”

Prisca Kambole, director of PLAEP, commented, “With Paratus Zambia’s investment, we have been able to open our doors to other students from other schools. Every year, at least four community schools from our nearby communities come to take their national and zonal exams at Musonda Community School. On average, we register and administer practical and final exams to at least 200 students from other schools. We would never have thought that the school would have the potential to be a technology hub for the broader community. It is very moving to have this kind of impact and to allow those from disadvantaged backgrounds to access and ‘see’ the world at the touch of a keyboard.”

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