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Liquid Intelligent Technologies has announced the opening of its office in East London in the Eastern Cape (EC) 

AdobeStock 611040552While there are around 41.2 million internet users in South Africa, the country’s online penetration rate is 68.2% of the total population. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

“The new East London office establishes a local presence for Liquid in the province, reinforcing our commitment to providing best-in-class service by leveraging advanced technology, offering exceptional customer support, prioritising security, maintaining compliance, and driving innovation. The business strives to exceed our client’s expectations and empower them to succeed in the dynamic and digitally connected world,” said Deon Geyser, CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, South Africa.

Access to broadband services in South Africa remains unequal and expensive. While there are around 41.2 million internet users in South Africa, the country’s online penetration rate is 68.2% of the total population. “This move allows local enterprises, government, and businesses – large and small – to join the digital revolution through Liquid’s services, empowering them on their digital transformation journeys,” continued Geyser.

Liquid has invested heavily in EC since then across a raft of initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and empowering citizens with digital skills, even in the farthest part of the province. It has invested over US$20.6mn into extending its operations in the region, connecting more than 900 government buildings, and created over 600 permanent and temporary jobs.

In addition to bringing access to high-speed connectivity and digital services, businesses in the Eastern Cape will have access to best-in-class Liquid employees who will partner with them on their digital transformation journeys. “Liquid’s continued investments in the region are beyond access to connectivity. We firmly believe in the all-around development of the community, and that is why in 2021, we opened our first Digital Learning Centre in Mthatha. To date, we have upskilled over 150 unemployed youths and learners. This initiative formed part of Liquid’s commitment to empowering young South Africans and future entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to become part of the digital revolution,” commented Geyser. The launch of its new office in East London marks a significant milestone in its commitment to delivering exceptional service and driving innovation. By expanding its presence in EC, Liquid will provide world-class services and products like connectivity, voice, cloud, cyber security, and managed service offerings to clients, enabling local enterprises, government entities, and businesses and accelerate digital transformation in South Africa.