‘You win I win’, a motto that fuels innovation and customer delight: BlackNGreen

capture 2In the competitive world of telecom services, the biggest challenges telecom operators face today are revenue growth, usage, user retention and customer delight, explained Atul Madan, CEO of BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions, while highlighting the company’s strategic vision

When was BlackNGreen founded and what are its main industries?

BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions is a next-gen telecom value added and digital services company, founded by entrepreneurs Rahul Gupta and Karthik Shankar in 2011. Ever since BnG has been providing services in space like M-VAS, Digital Services, Enterprise Solutions, Real Money Gaming, and Cloud-enabled OBD solution to telecom Operators, Enterprises, and governments around the globe. We endeavor to provide affordable and customeraligned solutions.  

What region does it cater to?

BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions is one of the leading innovators in telecom VAS, Gaming, digital services, and Enterprise segments, with considerable focus on emerging technologies, domains and business practices across the world. As an innovation-focused VAS product and telecom solutions provider, the company aims to stimulate growth for telecom operators globally. After establishing a global presence, the company is now making a breakthrough in the geography and technology spread by leveraging innovative and patented solutions and processes. From Voice to Rich Media to gaming to Enterprise solutions, the technology spread of BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions knows no bounds. BlackNGreen is amongst the fastest-growing mobile technology companies in the world.

Thanks to the highly passionate team that brings innovative, customer-focused ideas to life. At BlackNGreen we focus on Customer Delight and that has helped us build long-terrelationships with our customers, where our customers see us more as partners in delivering true value to mobile subscribers. We are a truly multicultural organisation with people from 25+ different nationalities bringing their rich understanding of different parts of the world to help innovate and create solutions that are relevant and needed by mobile subscribers.

With an extended focus on the development and provision of path-breaking products and services for over a decade, BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions has become a truly multinational company with business in 90+ countries and 110+ telecom operators spread across Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, South East Asia and South Asia. 

What are the main challenges faced by telecom operators, and how are your products helping to address them?

In the competitive world of telecom services, the biggest challenges telecom operators face today are revenue growth, usage, user retention and customer delight. Increasing competition with OTT and internet platforms, cloud-enabled services, protecting investments in the ever-changing technology sector and shorter product lifespan are some challenges that telecom operators worldwide are trying to address. BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions is a customer-focused services provider that leverages years of global experience to bring real value to the telecom operators and their customers while keeping in mind the challenges being faced by the

telecom operators. BlackNGreen helps operators in staying ahead of the technology curve and business cycles, by working on solutions which are aligned to the technology and services of tomorrow like 5G, Cloud, Gaming and digital services. We further help in adding new revenues for operators by introducing new services in segments such as entertainment, spirituality, productivity, education, and health– services that generate true consumer delight.

Are there any current or recent projects/ contracts/news updates you are working on, which you would like to highlight?

BlackNGreen Mobile Solutions believes in turning opportunities into a successful business model by redefining the product definitions and introducing customer-focused solutions. The company is currently working with top gaming companies and leading mobile gaming studios to develop and integrate multiplayer gaming platforms with integrated use of innovative payment instruments to enable a superior gaming experience to mobile consumers. To summarise, our focus is on gaming, digital services, next-generation voice VAS and enterprise communication with cloud enablement and artificial intelligence as technology drivers.

What strategies have helped to improve the brand identity?

Customer delight, innovation, and staying ahead on the technology curve have helped us grow rapidly over the last decade. Our multicultural team helps us innovate and create solutions relevant across geographies. We do not hesitate from walking the extra mile to deliver agile, user-centric, affordable, and innovative solutions to telecom operators. As a future-forward company, our motto explains it all - “You win I win.”

What importance do you attach to service and support?

“You win, I win” is not just our motto – it’s our culture, one that defines our ethos. We don’t work towards providing customer support, we work towards providing customer delight. We believe that a happy customer is the only way to create a sustainable organisation. Our customer delight philosophy starts right from the time we engage with our customers to introduce a solution, to deliver them, and then working together with customers to grow revenue with a close eye on subscriber satisfaction.

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