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The 11th Innovation Africa Digital Summit (IAD), held in Ethiopias capital city Addis Ababa, explored new business opportunities and the challenges that Africas ICTs sector faces

The three-day event highlighted market opportunities in Africa and challenges facing mobile network operators in the 21st century.

Ethiopian minister of industry, Ababa Mekonnen Manyzewal, welcomed more than 300 delegates from across the ICT industry, which was led by MTN group operations executive, Themba Khumalo.

According to Khumalo, mobile operators are able to pave the way for consumers to interact with digital innovations where ICT solutions rise above users’ expectations.

"The consumer of the future does not want to just make a call or send an SMS," said Khumalo. "This user wants to access the Internet at faster speeds, pay bills online, transfer money to loved ones wherever they are without enduring long queues, and also be able to get the latest in global sports, news, and entertainment information – all from their handset."